"Yourvoice is so high," said Joan, my director. "It just doesn't soundnatural." We were shooting The Booby Trap, a pilot for a television showshe and I had created. We were going to submit it to a network in the hopesthat they'd pick it up as a series. I was playing myself (natch) and a fly-lookingactor named Derek was playing a guy I date named Indie Rocker. In the scenehe had to compliment me on my dress and I had to say, "Thanks. It's body-conscious.It makes me feel hot but not too slutty." We'd already done several takesand I could see Joan was getting frustrated with my acting. But every time shegave me direction I didn't seem to know how to take it.
Plus I wasstarting to get dizzy. Not just 'cause of tension on the set but because ofthe green screen. We were shooting in front of a huge green screen because thiswould be a high-tech show and the computer graphics people were going to putin special backgrounds in postproduction. Derek and I were sitting at a greentable on green boxes, and I could feel my brain beginning to go soft.