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There's always a random assortment of tracks making their way through my little Genius contraption, ahhh how it knows me so well. The simplicity of AI covering all my basic musical needs. I look forward to the day the Genius will be able to tell me what I want to eat and Siri can run out and get it. I'm hoping perhaps I might be able to act as your Genius this week and let you in on some of the oldies, the newbies and the not so newbie oldies that'll be flowing through my speakers the whole week through. "Imaginary Friends," by Ben Lear: I don't know what it is about this track, but I can't stop listening to it. It start out slow and whiney (why do I like it) and then kind of booms out into a faster whinier chorus? and I LOVE IT! Judge for yourself. Kind of a Neil Young feel on this little guy. "Florida," by Starfucker: With a name like Starfucker, you kind of need to be awesome. These guys make the cut. Feel free to bang all the celebs you want, but not Burt Bacharach! GODDAMN YOU IF YOU TOUCH BURT! "Death," by White Lies: I'm a huge fan of any song that starts off slow, but carries you along with it. Wagging it's finger to come hither. Just wait. The pay off is coming. This song does that and then some. Breaking down into a climax of shaken bones. "About Today," by The National: This song doesn't. It kind of just teases you. Annoying, right? "Hush," by Actually: I have a weird thing with this song/video. I'm sexually attracted to it. I'm not kidding. Are there any songs that make you feel funny in the pants region? See that comment box on the bottom. USE IT. "Badonkadonkey," by Born Ruffians: This band has had pinches of spotlight cast their way, but nothing substantial, and it blows my mind. They're fantastic. Everything they do is fantastic. They genre bounces so fluidly you don't even recognize that you're listening to a song influenced by decades and decades of different sounds. One day Ruffians, I promise. "Give It To Me," by The Troggs: Another band that wasn't fully appreciated in their time. The Troggs, short for The Troglodytes, were one of the first punk acts ever. They may not sound like it, but what do you think they're asking you to give them? "All your love?" (that translates to vagina). "Love Vigilantes," by New Order: One of those songs you hear and think wow, I never hear this anymore, who sings it? Ends before you can Shazam it, and then you keep living your life, ignorant. One of the band's best tracks. "Go Raquel," by ABX: Who's Raquel? What's she done? Where'd she come from? All this and more? "Close To You," by Burt Bacharach and Barbra Streisand: Don't you touch him Babs.

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