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There's always a random assortment of tracks making their way through my little Genius contraption, ahhh how it knows me so well. The simplicity of AI covering all basic needs. I look forward to the day the Genius will be able to tell me what I want to eat and Siri can run out and get it. I'm hoping perhaps I might be able to act as your Genius this week and let you in on some of the oldies, the newbies and the not so newbie oldies that'll be flowing through my speakers the whole week through.

"Crish (Javelin Remixxx)," by Future Islands: I love me some new old, new wave sounds. Follow? Future Islands captures the sexless sexuality of North London in the 80's. Dig on these boys like a present day Ultravox.

"Sweet Dee," by Yukon Blonde: These boys are playing Piano's NYC tonight. "Sweet Dee," has the cool rambling chords of bands like Band of Horses. Sounds similar to my personal Kings of Leon favorite, "Tranni." Bring a lighter to the shower, this one is a waver.

"Elsbar," by Grauzone: I tried singing the tune to this song for a friend of mine the other day and he said, "Sounds like Rammstein," to which I replied, "Yes, if Rammstein was the opening act for David Bowie in his Berlin days."

"Tomorrow," by Parakeet: Side act for Yuck bassist Mariko Doi, has the same grunge rock attitude as the main appeal. Like a musically gifted version of Be Your Own Pet.

"Kill for Love," by Chromatics: Looked like this band might have disappeared on the highway of electro-rock before the movie "Drive," came out. They were focusing on their side act Glasscandy, more than their old digs. But by God (and thank you), they've returned, and played a hell of a show at The Standard last night. Disco ball, leather and all.

"From This Moment On," by Ella Fitzgerald: In a time where voices are augmented to the point of digitization, it's important to take a look back at those musicians who had the real gift of soul. I always like checking back in with lady Fitzgerald, I suggest you do the same.

"All I Want." By Toad the Wet Sprocket: I also like checking in with the 90's softcore rock I listened to when I was four? Enjoy.

"Phantom Love," by The Squawks: This Bard quintet of pretty young things, will be playing Bowery Electric this week. We'll have a nice write up on them for tomorrow, so stay tuned, but in the meantime do your homework! Blues and country are the backbone of The Squawks!

"Acid Raindrops," by People Under the Stairs: Possibly the greatest rap song ever. Chill beyond belief, with a beat that'll knock your head from side to side. Yes, you will try mumbling along to the words as you walk down the street. No, you will not look cool doing so.

"Love Burns," by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club: This band is keeping rock 'n roll alive! In concert they turn the volume up to 11 so you wake up with a beautiful ringing in your ears. This is their love song. It's not cute. Deal with it.

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