The Protagonist: Surprises of the Literary World

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Literature never fails to surprise its readers, which is why The Protagonist has compiled this list of succulent "did'ja knows" of the world of word. Hopefully at least a couple of these hilarious, erotic and/or gruesome tidbits come as newfound knowledge to our readers: --Arnold Schwarzenegger has a memoir titled Total Recall --[There is legitimately a magazine called "Modern Drunkard"]( --Cormac McCarthy has appeared on "Oprah" -- "The Oprah Effect" refers to skyrocketing sales of books which have been featured by Oprah, leaving some publishers in serious distress over the now-defunct show --The Strand bookstore near Union Square allegedly has 18 miles of books [--The number of American adults reading literature is the highest it's been since 2002]( --J.K Rowling is wealthier than the Queen of England (OK--not really a surprise to anyone) [--According to scholars, Walt Whitman rarely left his room]( [--Tom Wolfe is notoriously bad at writing sex scenes (read -- and shudder -- at your own risk)]( [--This letter from Kurt Vonnegut to a friend about to start teaching at the University of Iowa]( [--Political speech-writing is shockingly literary (shades of Chekhov anyone?)]( --The average American audience averages about a seventh-grade reading level [--Dissection on Display: Cadavers, Anatomists, and Public Spectacle by Christine Quigley is a book devoted to dissection as entertainment](

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