The Queen Of Trans-NYC Media

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[The Canadian] dubs Allanah Starr New York City's Transsexual Queen of All Media...

EZ: You've been on a million TV shows. What's Maury Povich like?

Allanah: People always ask me is Mr. Povich into [transgender] girls, because they do so many of these shows. That is a bunch of rubbish and wishful thinking. The show is very professional and the ratings are good, and that's why they do so many. After my last appearance, I received over 100 fan letters from people who saw me on the show. I've gotten a lot of flack from some transsexuals because they feel the show represents the community in a bad way. I personally would prefer if they would use the word transsexual, rather than man as the reveal point, but I understand that it's entertainment and they are appealing to a certain audience...

I do get recognized periodically, but it's usually in peculiar ways. Guys tend to be a little shy, so if they don't approach me, they usually send me an email about seeing me. It's all rather sweet. There's a homeless man who "lives" on the corner of my block and every time I pass by he yells "Hello, Star!" I'm not sure if he knows, but it's quite amusing regardless.


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