The Slaphappiest Place On Earth

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A group of rowdy New Yorkers on vacation in Disney World this past weekend were arrested after engaging in behavior that would generally make Mickey blush: [spitting on and cursing] at others waiting in line for Space Mountain and assaulting security personnel who tried to subdue them. Maybe, just maybe, they were [drunk](,0,6396125.story?coll=am-topheadlines) ... maybe. When a sheriff's deputy showed up, the eldest sibling, Brian Guilfoil, 19, was allegedly [slamming his chest]( against a security guard and telling him to back off. The deputy intervened, and the four teenage brothers and sisters, as well as Brian’s 20-year-old girlfriend, attacked him, according to a sheriff’s report. The deputy ultimately used a stun gun to subdue Nicole Guilfoil, 17, after she allegedly slugged a security guard in the face.

“Security Officer [Michael] Torantello did not give [her] permission to hit him,” the report noted. Ohhh, well then that is bad.

Brian Guilfoil, 19, and his girlfriend, Rose DiPietro, 20, were charged with [battery against a police officer] and resisting arrest. They were released on Monday on $2,300 bond. Nicole Guilfoil and her younger brother, 14, and sister, 16, were charged as juveniles.

The Long Island family is banned from all Disney parks and resorts. Even Euro Disney.

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