The Stupes Overthe weekend, Republican impeachment manager Jim Rogan was asked whetherhe thought differences of opinion were possible on the Clinton business. "Yes,"Rogan replied, "reasonable minds can differ on this case as to whetherthe President should be removed from office. But reasonable minds can only differif those reasonable minds come to the conclusion that enforcement of the sexualharassment laws in this country [is] less important than the preservation ofthis man in the office of the presidency. And that is the ultimate questionthat this body is going to have to answer. Which is more important: the survivalof Bill Clinton's presidency in the face of perjury and obstruction ofjustice or the protection of the sexual harassment laws?"
Sorry, isthis the same James Rogan who gave a competent (if overrated) presentation onthe perjury charges a couple of weeks ago? Is this the James Rogan who was sucha successful prosecutor of gangbangers before he went into politics? Is he reallysuggesting that we have the Senate overturn an election?something thathas never been done in the 210-year life of the noblest of all constitutions?inorder to preserve the two-and-a-half-year-old principle, sacred to perhaps nineangry bluestockings, that male executives should not be allowed to date working-classwomen? If this is the argument Rogan wants to make, I'm sure the Democratswill buy him the air time. This is something more than stupidity?this isa man who should not be allowed in the same zipcode as a constitutional discussion.