The Twist-y Return of Joey Arias

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Arias with a Twist announces its triumphant return to New York.

The outrageous, puppet-infused cabaret-which premiered at HERE in 2008-will run for a four-week limited engagement at Abrons Arts Center (466 Grand St.) from Sept. 18?Oct. 16.

If Madonna popped out of your bachelor party cake, made love to an octopus in front of your very eyes and later gave birth smack in the middle a Cirque de Soleil performance, the full experience might just approach the level of off-the-wall psychedelic glory we're dealing with in this re-vamped version of the original. But there would also need to be demons and aliens involved.

In Arias with a Twist, marionette-propelled dominatrices and larger-than-life representations of human anatomy take the stage for an evening of jazz, pop and rock standards, and original music by Alex Gifford. Arias and his plush performer pals form a Rockette-reminiscent kickline, as Ayumu "Poe" Saegusa and Daniel Brodie's acid flashback-conjuring light displays and projection designs complete the kaleidoscope effect.

The brainchild of third-generation puppeteer Basil Twist and notorious New York drag star Joey Arias, Arias with a Twist is for mature (or rather, legal) audiences only. In fact, if you have to Google the phrase "tentacle porn" to know what we're talking about, this might not be the show for you.

For more information, check out, or head to to purchase tickets.

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