The Women of "Josh Cohen": An Interview with Hannah Elless and Kate Wetherhead

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The title character of The Other Josh Cohen, the Steve Rosen-David Rossmer musical comedy running at SoHo Playhouse, is a clumsy romantic male who tries to rewind time to see the road not taken. But there are plenty of other characters in Josh Cohen as well, including a slew played by two women: Hannah Elless (Godspell) and Kate Wetherhead (online's "Submissions Only"). New York Press spoke with them about the show, male attitudes and Neil Diamond. NYP: What drew you guys to do this show? HE: Inactuality, a call from David Rossmer after he and Steve found me playing drums and acting/singing on YouTube! And also, after reading the script you can't help but fall in love with the quirky sweetness that this show captures. It's funny and lovely and has a wonderful heart! Geez, I like this show so much I should date it! NYP: Do you think women are typically drawn to "bad guys?" HE: No? (I'm in denial.) Yes. (The real answer.) They say that nice guys never finish first, but that's not true! They just sometimes have to wait for the bad guys to bedisqualified before accepting their first place finish. KW: No. NYP: What to you is the funniest aspect of the show? HE: It might involve a lot of facial hair and Kate Wetherhead - but you'll have to come see for yourself! KW: Rossmer and Rosen's sense of humor gets to shine throughout. For 75 minutes you get to experience the world through their very funny eyes. Their eyes aren't funny, I don't mean that, wait.... NYP: What to you is the truest aspect of the show? KW: That even though it might hurt to do the right thing in the short term, it will feel much better in the long term. HE: Definitely the lessons learned by Josh Cohen. Having a kind heart goes a long way. NYP: Is this a show for both women and men? KW: Absolutely. HE: Sure! Men! Women! Neil Diamond impersonators! There's something for everyone! NYP: What is your favorite Neil Diamond song? HE: Well, I never get tired of singing along to "Sweet Caroline." Who does? But there's nothing like hearing Neil croon "Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon." Boy, I know! More information can be found at [](

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