The Year Ahead

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Our editors gaze into the future of 2014 and discuss the major issues, for your neighborhood and for the city, in the year ahead. [The De-Manhattanization of Politics]( De Blasio has vowed to turn his attention to the outer boroughs [Up and Away]( Urban sprawl goes vertical, sparking new fights over air rights [Rethinking the Schools]( De Blasio's tax hike for pre-Kers is only the beginning [The Less-Than-Superbowl]( The host city isn't feeling so grand about the big game in February [Opening Door, and Memories, at the Freedom Tower]( The first major new building at the Trade Center opens early in 2014 [In the Shadow of the Billionaires]( New luxury apartments along Central Park stir old debates [Garbage In, Garbage Out]( Tracking the most contentious issue on the East Side ([Hudson Rising]( The massive new complex on the West side is coming into view [The Newcomer on the East Side]( Kallos arrives, with a technology focus [The Next Sandy]( Planning for the next storm while recovering from the last one [Filling Brewer's Big Shoes]( The new council member on the West side [The Second Avenue Saga]( The project won't end in 2014, though there will be small victories

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