"There Is A Rat Among Us" And It Could Be Cuomo: Says State Senator Diaz

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Bronx State Sen. Ruben Diaz, Sr.'s always entertaining "What You Should Know" column is especially enlightening this morning, as Diaz addresses a Daily News report that Senate Minority Leader John Sampson's days as Democratic [leader are numbered.](http://www.nydailynews.com/news/columnists?columnist=2.1990) In his latest musing, Diaz tries to guess at who the "rat" is within the Democratic conference that fed that piece of speculation to Daily News reporter Ken Lovett, dropping the names of several of his Democratic colleagues as possibilities. And he even singles out Gov. Andrew Cuomo as a likely candidate for the leak. You should know that as soon as I read the article, I went around asking people, "Who do you think is this high ranking source plotting to knock Sampson out?" It is interesting to see all of the names that people mention, starting with Jeff Klein, Liz Krueger, Mike Ginaris and ? now hold on to your hats folks ? Governor Andrew Cuomo. Out of all of them, Andrew Cuomo is the most frequent name mentioned. Even during our Democratic closed-door Conference, his name was mentioned by most of the Senators. To many, this plot is an act of desperation by those who already visualize a victory in November by the Democrats when the Republicans (will probably) lose their Majority and control of the Senate. Strangely, Diaz himself called [earlier this year](http://www.cityandstateny.com/diaz-sr-called-sampons-ouster-heated-exchange-member-items/) for Sampson's ouster at Senate minority leader, so his moral outrage about the leak seems a little bit odd. But at least, his public outcries against his colleagues are always on the record. And in his column today, Diaz seems to have had a change of heart about Sampson, now saying that with Democrats back in the majority, Sampson would be a "bionic reconstructed man" who is "better, faster, and stronger." Here's the full release from Diaz: To read the full article at City & State [click here](http://www.cityandstateny.com/diaz-sr-there-rat-us-cuomo/).

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