Top Ten Tweets About State Senator's "Feminine Presence" Class

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Here's a roundup today from the Twitterverse on[ our story]( this morning, which ended up causing a [bit of a stir:]( 10. Capital Tonight ?@CapitalTonight Today's time warp, courtesy of Sen. Marty Golden. 9. Senator Liz Krueger ?@LizKrueger NY's women need #fairpay, not posture lessons. Still can't believe this really happened! 8. Andrew Gounardes ?@agounardes Marty Golden doesn't get it. He'd rather teach women to walk like models than pass the Fair Pay Act 7. NARAL Pro-Choice NY ?@ProChoiceNY We may make 77 cents to every $1, but don't worry ladies ? @SenMartyGolden will help fix your posture. 6. Rita Meade ?@ScrewyDecimal This is my neighborhood. This is my (current) state senator. THIS is why we have to vote, ladies. Get him outta here. 5. katie honan ?@katie_honan sen. marty golden to announce new "MRS Degree Scholarship" for constituents who decide to attend college to find a husband. 4. Travis Tubbs ?@TravisTubbs Why no equal pay, ladies? You're not lady-like enough. No worries. There's a class for that! *facepalm* 3. Henry Stewart ?@henrycstewart Hey ladies, Marty Golden wants to teach you how to walk up and down stairs ELEGANTLY, b/c that's how you get a job! 2. Indecision ?@indecision Ladies, having trouble finding a job? One State Senator's office is here to help and it's not sexist at all! 1. Colin Campbell ?@BKcolin @morninggloria aaaaaaaand canceled! To read more from City & State [click here. ](

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