Torre To Manage Dodgers?

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The Los Angeles Dodgers are hoping there’s truth to the old proverb, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Just one day after the New York Yankees got rid of Don Mattingly [by not offering him] their managerial job, and just a few weeks after they threw out Joe Torre by offering him [an “insult”]( of a contract, the Dodgers are reportedly going to [hire the duo](, making Torre their manager and Mattingly his bench coach.

The Dodgers must first fire their manager Grady Little, who must feel like slitting his wrists these days. Little [was fired] by the Boston Red Sox in 2003, and the Sox have gone on to win two championships in four years since his departure. Now, reports are saying that he’s being replaced by Torre, even though the Dodgers have yet to speak with him. Please step away from the ledge, Mr. Little.

Meanwhile, Torre and Mattingly must be ecstatic. While the Yankees hoped to make headlines with their hiring of Joe Girardi this morning, the Torre and Mattingly buzz has stole their thunder. Couple that with the [A-Rod fiasco] during Game 4, and Hank Steinbrenner sounding like an idiot every time he opens his mouth (which has happened nearly every day), and the Yanks have received more bad press than O.J. in recent weeks.

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