Travel Ideas for Active Retirees

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After saying goodbye to the work-a-day grind, it's time to see the world

Traveling for retirees can be rewarding and relaxing. Those with a substantial retirement nest egg have numerous destinations at their disposal. Mature vacationers travel more frequently and stay longer than any other age group.

Thanks to special senior discounts, travel may be even more affordable than first expected.

While certain destinations are not always practical for certain age brackets, there are many places to which seniors can visit comfortably and enjoy a wealth of memories.

Theme parks

Although theme parks may seem carved out entirely for the adventure-seekers, there are many other activities that would appeal to those who prefer to keep their feet firmly on the ground rather than looping through the air on a rocket-propelled coaster.

With animal preserves, water parks, fine dining, and a bevy of hotels either in the park or directly on the outskirts, theme parks provide many activities for older travelers. Although theme parks require a lot of walking, many provide motorized scooters for those who need to get off of their feet. They also make a great option for those traveling with the entire family, including children.

Beach resorts

Provided flying is medically safe, a beachside vacation can be the ideal trip for seniors looking for the utmost in relaxation. For those who have passports, the possibilities are endless. Those who prefer to remain on relatively domestic soil can retreat to Puerto Rico, south Florida, the California coast, Hawaii, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.


Cruising is a preferred vacation choice for the 50+ set because it offers the convenience of an all-inclusive package and transportation all in one.

With the myriad activities offered on board, cruises are a versatile vacation option for seniors. Also, there is no need to worry about traveling far for meals and other entertainment options, as everything is self-contained on the cruise ship. For more active folks who enjoy the daily getaway, excursions in ports of call can provide the variety desired.

Guided tours

Those who want to experience a piece of history can sign up for tour packages backed by reputable companies. The tours may involve train or bus travel, and various attractions will be visited. At the end of the tour, individuals can choose to extend the vacation by checking into a hotel nearby.

RV trips

Another self-contained vacation is traveling by recreational vehicle. Explorers can customize their routes depending on which areas they want to see.

Companies like Cruise America RV enable people to rent an RV so they needn't worry about the expense of buying one outright. However, should RV traveling become addictive, there always is the option of buying a camper later on.

Setting an itinerary and then establishing the pace enables travelers to tour the country or cross the border as desired. From beaches to national parks, many areas offer RV hook-up areas and amenities.

Exotic tour

Now could be the time to book a ticket for Europe and visit all of the cities that have made the history books. Those looking for even more adventure can travel to the South Pacific and explore tropical islands. Others may want to go "down under" and experience the rugged Outback or the culture of Australian city centers.

After making sure the old passport is up to date, the only left is to decide on a destination.

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