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By Magdalena Burnham Monday ? July 2 Eureka Eureka gets cut off from the world and the entire population might be destroyed. Wow, Eureka is not messing around with the stakes of this episode. Airs at 9:00 on Syfy. Also On: 8:00 ? Hell's Kitchen (Fox) 8:00 ? The Bachelorette (ABC) 10:00 ? Teen Wolf (MTV) Tuesday ? July 3 The Glee Project The theme for the week is "adaptability", which should be less uncomfortable than the "sexuality" episode. Also On: 10:00 ? Franklin & Bash (TNT) 10:30 ? Workaholics (Comedy Central) Wednesday ? July 4 Futurama This episode has Bender trying to become a paparazzo. Let's see how many TMZ jokes they can work in. Airs at 10:00 on Comedy Central. Also On: 9:00 ? Dallas (TNT) 10:00 ? The Real World (MTV) 10:00 ? The Soup (E!) Thursday ? July 5 Wilfred Ryan has to deal with the issues that arise from Wilfred's popularity, which is a vague enough description that, considering the show, there's a good chance some unspeakable acts comprise the main arc of this episode. Airs at 10:00 on FX. Also On: 8:00 ? Duets (ABC) 10:00 ? Rookie Blue (ABC) 10:30 ? Louie (FX) Friday ? July 6 Bunk This week's panelists are Dana Gould, Michael Che and Andy Daly. Watch for Michael Che. That is a damn funny dude. Airs at 10:30 on IFC. Also On: 9:00 ? The Ricky Gervais Show (HBO) 10:00 ? Comedy Bang! Bang! (IFC) Saturday ? July 7 Merlin In the first episode Arthur duels a mysterious warrior. In the second episode, Merlin saves a beautiful girl from a bounty hunter. Episodes air at 9:00 and 10:00 on BBC. Also On: 9:00 ? The Suze Orman Show (CNBC) Sunday ? July 8 True Blood Jason has a disturbing dream. Meanwhile, Bill and Eric want Sookie to help them look for Russell. Maybe I'm missing something, but that doesn't sound like a lot of plot. Airs at 9:00 on HBO. Also On: 10:00 ? Weeds (Showtime) 10:00 ? Iron Chef America (Food Network) 12:15 ? Metalocalypse (Cartoon Network)

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