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Where the Most 65-plus New Yorkers Live

Largest total number and largest percentage live in 10021

Which neighborhood has the largest number of oldest residents?Not surprisingly, the answer is the Upper East Side where in 2011, according to New York University's Furman Research Center, almost 19.8 percent, or just under one-fifth of Upper East Siders were over the age of 65. The Upper West Side isn't too far behind with 16.8 percent of residents at retirement age. In the Financial District, Greenwich Village and Soho, the numbers drop significantly with only 11 percent of the population at 65 or older. And on the Lower East Side, the numbers are higher at 14.4 percent of the population at the golden age.

It may sound like the Upper West Side and Upper East Side are neck in neck in terms of an aging population, but in reality, the Upper West Side's demographic over age 65 has only grown one-tenth of a percent from 2010 to 2011, whereas, in just one year on the Upper East Side, the senior population has shot up 2.2 percent. In fact, the Upper East Side has the most rapidly aging population in the entire city, according to the Furman Center's study entitled, "Gossip Girls or Golden Girls?" The senior citizen population has spiked 5.6 percent from 2000-2011 on the Upper East Side. Only Coney Island still has a larger percentage of retirees ? almost one-quarter of Coney residents are over 65, but the Upper East Side numbers are really catching up.

According to the 2010 U.S. Census:

10021- East 69th-76th streets -

20.3% are 65 and older

8,896 people over 65

10065- East 60th-69th streets -

19.7% are 65 and older

6,330 people over 65

10075- East 76th-80th streets -

18.6% are 65 and older

4,877 people over 65

10028- East 80th-87th streets -

16.6% are 65 and older

7,483 people over 65

10128- East 86th-96th streets -

13.9% are 65 and older

8,385 people over 65

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