Vallejo Gantner, Artistic Director of P.S. 122

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My predictions for 2012 are that P.S. 122 narrowly saves the world from Armageddon.

After sweeping in from Lebanon, Rabih Mroué successfully brokers peace in the Middle East, while Young Jean Lee finally answers the bloody questions to just about every problem. It was controversial, many of us were offended-I probably will have to storm out in a huff once or twice, but will later realize I am now totally enlightened.

My Spanish will improve dramatically after I see El Pasado es Un Animal Grotesco. The TEAM will once and for all resolve what the hell happened to 330 million people's sanity in 2007 and chart a roadmap to recovery. Temporary Distortion will film it and cut it into a gorgeous interactive film/theater work, which will be shattered as Heather Kravas' women dancers drum and chant throughout.

Once we've messed with your heads, we'll dream of the matrix we've made with Michael Kliën and Steve Valk and dangerously reflect upon it with Davis Freeman before we realize we've all just been performing for David Levine's inimitable benefit.

Then Carmelita Tropicana will appear, as if in La Jetée, and rock us into exile with Pavel Zustiak.
Should be a sensational year. I've bought a good whiskey and I'm going to hang on for the ride.

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