Voices From Haiti

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the haitian times, a community newspaper based in prospect lefferts gardens, brooklyn, has been on the ground covering the earthquake in haiti for several days now.

as fellow members of the new york press association, our town and west side spirit are posting some of the work that haitian times publisher garry pierre-pierre and colleagues have pulled together under incredible circumstances.

michelle rea, executive director of the new york press association, reports that the group flew into the dominican republic because air traffic into haiti was restricted to rescue missions. they initially community via rented van between port-au-prince and the dominican republic. as they traveled, people were throwing themselves in front of the vehicle or jumping out and pounding on it to stop, begging for help, food and water.

since then, the brooklyn contingency has apparently been staying with other journalists in haiti at the hotel villa creole, where a bureau chief has established internet access for all journalists.

below are two articles filed from port-au-prince during the past few days. we'll continue posting pierre-pierre's work, giving readers a first-hand look at how haitians have been dealing with the aftermath of this massive natural disaster.


republished from the haitian times:

people didn't believe this was the big one

the earthquake played a cruel joke on haiti

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