Waffle As Drug
Been told that sugar's a poison when injected into the bloodstream of a moody animal such as myself. Or if not a poison, at least a factor that swings a metabolism into places where I'd rather mine weren't, stimulating corresponding imbalances (addled serotonin levels) in the brain; boomerangs you into places in which, like the cocaine user or the runner breaking the 12-mile mark, you're first speciously euphoric before the drug goes bad on you and the sugar dulls and thickens your blood like brandy in coffee?and you're suddenly turning morbid, and the insides of your ears ache, and you feel the dullness insinuating itself throughout you, and you're reintroduced to that sense of humming, electric, melancholy distance that you thought you'd beaten for good years ago. It's like you're communicating with the world from behind a scrim of cheesecloth, and there's cotton in your ears.