Water vs. Rock: Liars @ McCarren Pool

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Sweat dripping down my back as I walked across Williamsburg towards McCarren Pool on Sunday afternoon, I couldn't help but dream that it would be filled with water, rather than hipsters, dodgeballs, beer and rock bands. The heat was overwhelming, and the soles of my sneakers were melting to the concrete, but once again JellyNYC booked the type of headliner that just draws in us indie music geeks. (The mix of heat, [Santogold in Central Park], and Siren on Saturday did, however, keep the pool a bit less crowded than past weeks.)

Following Team Robespierre and Fuck Buttons, whose sounds fair better indoors, the post-apocalyptic sounds of Liars devoured us. Every minute of their mix of electric tribal drumming dance punk felt profound. There's a reason Liars were chosen to open for Radiohead on their upcoming tour, and it's because there are few, if any, more interesting bands making music right now.

[See a full set of photos of Liars @ McCarren Pool here.]

Photos by [Jonny-Leather]

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