Werewolves & Lollipops

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Sure, "Comedians of Comedy" tour headliner [Patton Oswalt] is a starring voice in the Pixar hit movie Ratatouille. And granted, he, along with Jerry Stiller, spent nearly a decade performing the feat of making "King of Queens" sometimes sort of tolerable as far as generic sitcom fare goes. However, Oswalt’s most endearing role was arguably the cameo on "Reno 911" where he played the unruly, chain mail-clad fantasy role player "Dungeon Master" who was eventually subdued with a stream of mace to the eyes. Given the fact that Patton is a stout little goblin of a man with an outspoken love of Star Trek and comic books, one can pretty much assume he knows his way around a 12-sided die.

However, Patton makes the biggest impression when he’s just being himself. He was certainly memorable during the Conan O’Brien appearance last year where he described the geriatric birthing phenomenon as pushing an "uncooked Cornish game hen" through a pair of "gray drapes." Surely the man has a knack for arresting wildly inappropriate imagery, especially in his stand-up act where he compares his dance floor agility to that of a retarded person holding a sparkler. Perhaps he’s at his most charming when he’s proudly showing off pictures of his pug on the forums of professional douchebag/former Answer Me! Publisher [Jim Goad’s website].
Fresh off of a tour with Janeane Garofalo, Patton makes a pit stop at Brooklyn’s [Sound Fix](http://www.soundfixrecords.com/) for a free performance. Give the fact that Sub Pop released his latest comedy album, [“Werewolves and Lollipops,”](http://www.subpop.com/releases/patton_oswalt/full_lengths/werewolves_and_lollipops) it seems to make sense that he’s do an in store performance in a record store.

July 12, Sound Fix, 110 Bedford Ave., B'klyn, 718-388-8090; 8, free.

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