What do Artaud and Austin Scarlett Have in Common?

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That's what my friend and I were attempting to figure out last night before the performance The Hotel Savant's production of [The Cenci] at the Ohio Theatre. During the performance of the infamous play about an even more infamous 16th-century roman patriarch who is murdered by his family (after raping his daughter), we didn't much think of the fashion designer. But he was certainly there and certainly not as flamboyant as usual.

"I think that's the butchest I've ever seen Austin," my friend whispered. He was in a black overcoat and had nice, square, intellectual-looking glasses. Just what a Project Runway contestant should wear to a brainy, Downtown play. I figured it must have something to do with the costumes—which were... interesting. Or the lack of costumes. All the young, chiseled guys couldn't seem to keep their shirts on and were pleasing eye candy during a play that's still overwritten, overwrought and pretty pretentious.

Did Austin like it? Not sure, but he was certainly subdued afterward.

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