And Sweet, Sweet Valentines
My thanks to the many readers who e-mailed last week wondering why MUGGER was aced out of the issue. A plausible explanation would be that production manager Jeff Koyen, in a typical tantrum of totalitarianism, a moment when he imagined he was still a blue-collar hillbilly instead of a somewhat respectable yuppie, was exacting revenge for my making fun of his adolescent tattoo by erasing the column around midnight. Not true: I was sick, laid up for several days from sheer exhaustion. Staying in bed, reading and watching videos has its benefits. I saw a CNN report on Richard Nixon's funeral and watched Bill Clinton shamelessly talk mostly about himself during his nauseating eulogy. I followed that with Primary Colors and was just amazed it was directed by Clinton bud Mike Nichols: The film made me retch, and reaffirmed everything I've always thought about the hypocritical, lying scumbag who's inhabited the Oval Office since '93. Kathy Bates turned in a spectacular performance as Betsey Wright and Emma Thompson was far more fetching than the real-life Hillary.