Where the Upcoming Olympics Will Be Held; And How These Cities Are Prepping for the Games

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The locations for upcoming Olympic games I recently read an article about the effect hosting the Olympic Games would have had on New York if it had indeed won its candidacy. According to the article, if we had, the Jets would probably be sharing a stadium with the Mets rather than the Giants. The Knicks, now the basketball team for the athletic capital of the world, would probably have won the Lebron James sweepstakes and would have a few championship rings. As you can see, it'd have had a huge impact on New York. It'd have impacted the athletic culture of the city as well as its traffic, economy, government, everything. The Olympics, like the World Cup, has a huge effect on its hosting country. But it's not easy to be elected to be the host. Cities have to map out specific and effective plans on how they'll build and afford a mass of new buildings and venues. They have to cite why, how, who, what, and where the games will be played. It's exhausting. It takes planning and it takes luck. But given the past London Olympics, and the great stories that happened there, it's certainly worth it. What cities will be hosting the upcoming Olympics? 2014 Winter Olympics - Sochi, Russian Federation The 2014 Olympics will be the first time the Russian Federation hosts the winter Games. According to the Olympic.org, Sochi will be one of the most compact Olympic competitions in history. There will only be a 30-minute drive between the coastal area of the Games in Sochi, which will host the ice games, and the mountain area of the Games in the Krasnaya Polyana Mountains. Having won their bid to host, Sochi will build an array of new venues and centers. These include a 40,000-seat Olympic stadium and apartments for about 2,600 imminent athletes and coaches. The budget for the Games is $18 billion, according to the Wall Street Journal. Sochi beat finalists Salzburg, Austria and PyeongChang, Korea for the hosting rights. 2016 Summer Olympics - Rio Di Janeiro, Brazil With the recent ending of the 2012 London Olympics, Brazil is gearing up for the next edition of the Summer Games. Voted as the winner in 2009, Rio beat rival cities Chicago, Madrid, and Tokyo. The Games require 34 athletic venues when they begin, and Rio already has 18 operational facilities that can serve. According to Olympic.org, eight of those facilities will be permanently altered, seven facilities will be temporary and deconstructed upon the Games's end. 2018 Winter Olympics - PyeongChang, Republic of Korea Having lost its bid for the 2014 Winter Games, PyeongChang submitted a bid for 2018. On July 6, 2011 PyeongChang won its bid ahead of Munich and Annecy, France. Construction for the Games will begin within the year. 2020 Summer Olympics A host city hasn't been selected yet but the three finalists are Istanbul, Tokyo, and Madrid. Let the Games begin. -Nick Gallinelli

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