Why Did Restaurant Close?

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to the editor:

nice remembrance of ristorante primavera ("new york loses a treasure," july 22) in our town. my wife and i have lived in the neighborhood for more than 40 years, a block away from primavera at 82nd and york, and sad to say we've never set foot in the place (the location, by the way, used to be a dumpy-looking auto parts store).

we're not paupers, but i guess watching limos dropping off primavera diners always left us feeling that it wasn't the kind of restaurant (with high end prices) we would want to patronize. your story, however, makes us feel like we should have given it a shot, at least once.

we've seen lots of places, restaurants especially, come and go over the years and we wouldn't be surprised to see yet another nail salon replace primavera's spot.

having said all of this (perhaps it's because of my many years as a newsman in new york) you left something out that i consider important to your story. why? why is primavera throwing in the towel?

rent shooting up, a family squabble, business going down, owners tired of it all? so josh, i think that you owe it to your readers to give us an explanation of why this "one of a kind, bloomberg favorite," is calling it a day.

bill diehl

upper east side

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