Gore Needs to Raise the Bar Here's anovel idea: Why doesn't Veep Al Gore resign, cut a deal with BillBradley and spend from now until November of 2000 campaigning for the presidencywith the former New Jersey senator as his runningmate, unbound from thechains of Clinton Corruption? It's not so far-fetched, although I doubtGore has the imagination and integrity to pull it off. Still, it was anotherdisastrous week for the beleaguered Washingtonian: When a Democrat has to spendtime in California, answering the sometimes hostile questions of gayand lesbian activists, something is very wrong with the campaign. He was alsoheckled by gays in New Hampshire and Tennessee. Granted, quittinghis office (which he should've done last fall) is a tactic Bob Dole triedin '96, to little effect, but Gore could finally become his own man and trulyclaim the moral high ground. The media would eat it up.
And nowPresident Clinton is pissed off at Gore for the traitorous act of statingon national tv that his boss' conduct during the past year was deeply disappointingto a family man-a father of a very pregnant daughter, his handlers tookcare to point out-such as himself. An anonymous aide told New York Timesreporters John M. Broder and Don Van Natta Jr. that the President was "livid" and "To the people who he is very closeto [like who?], he's expressing how hurt he is and his dismay at theVice President. It is not a passing thing. He is very upset." It's difficultto ascertain whether this was a shrewd tactic on the President's part to helphis understudy or whether he's really steamed, given the twisted petty feudsand revenge that define the current White House; close call, but I'llgo with Clinton's solipsism on this one.