Woman with Fondness for Our Town Downtown Newsboxes Becomes Reddit Fixture

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A user on the popular message board Reddit posted this picture of a woman who knocked over an Our Town Downtown newsstand in an effort to eat her pickle comfortably. The woman, whose identity remains unknown, has been spotted by posters throughout Manhattan. Several posters report that she is a regular of the Bowery area. "It's her "Chaise lounge", and it's actually outside the "Think Coffee" on the corner of Bleecker St. and the Bowery in NYC. I see her most days when I get my coffee there," posted user Robsta333. He wasn't the only one to spot the pickle eater. User Mr-Personality wrote: I think I know this lady. In the area near Times Square (In the 30's) the city was testing something out where they were making the city more pedestrian friendly and less car based. As a result there were chairs set up all over the street for people to hang out on. This lady had taken advantage of that to sit around and yell insults at everyone who walked by. I sat down and watched her for 15 or 20 minutes before she got angry at me and left. She took the chair with her. While user Ford37ci posted: Ok so I totally know this lady. I watched her drag a newspaper stand right past a NYPD officer in Times Square and throw it on the ground and sit on it to eat (in the rain). She came up to me once and asked me "can I have that?" And it was an empty pack of cigarettes. She seemed happy about that. Another time she was laying down on the big rock seat things on the side of the road (in a pose that would be proper for like some 80's modeling magazine or Roman statue). Shortly after scratching herself and chain smoking for an hour she decided to start pissing herself right there while laying for all to see. She also has like some sort of really fucked up feet (I don't think she wears shoes which may contribute) which are really swollen and black and she just lays down in various places rubbing her feet for hours. I nicknamed her "ambrosia" for obvious reasons and I've sort of spread the word of her new-found nickname. It's a bit sad that I know this much about her. I've seen her scream at children. While some might be taken aback by such behavior, the mysterious pickle eater has inspired several works of art. The woman is also featured at the end of the music video Black Jack by the group Death Grips as she eats a pickle atop of another overturned newsstand. The culprit was reported lounging on a Village Voice newsstand last fall and was again spotted on Monday atop of our beloved stand. We can only hope that this means that OTDT can finally provide every amenity imaginable for all of our readers. (http://nypress.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/day2_3.jpg)

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