New Years Eve-Mas: Sell Your Coal

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Well you've made it. Congratulations. Another 12 months have come and gone. You're almost at the white taped ending of the year. Christmas has passed in all its darkness.

If you need to recoup the funds you wasted on drinks and strippers this holiday season, it's time to start selling some of the Christmas duds you'll never use. This may sound mean spirited, but it's not. It's simply making the most of a failed gift. Sell it. Get some cash. New Year's Eve is just a few days away. Ask yourself how you want to spend it. What you want to spend on it. Whether you have the funding to spend anything on it. How's that feel? Still full of Christmas cheer? Find below some suggestions on where to sell your naughty and get a little bit of nice.

The High End Mofos

You know who you are. You know what you've got. You know what it's worth. Why sell it? Isn't one Marc Jacobs bag enough? Aren't the pair of Y3s you have from last year still pretty clean? Make your way to TOKIO 7 (83 E. 7th St.) where the good folks will eye and tag your goods. Remember: these items are consigned. The $1,800 leather jacket you got is going to sell for $500, of which you'll get $250. Don't take it personally. Take it in stride. If you're looking for a little exchange action take a look around the store, they've got a bit of everything for the couture minded.

Upside: The price point at this consignment store is higher than many of the others. They're viewed as the best in the business so daily traffic is heavy and turnaround time is quick.

Downside: You do have to wait for the items to sell before you get paid. The people buying your clothes may unintentionally insult you in the process. "This is awful."

It's My Money and I Want It NOW!

Shots are an important part of anyone's New Year. It's a fact. You're looking to get drunk as fast as possible, so your inhibitions morph into a black cloud big enough to encompass all the night's mistakes. What's the fastest way to fall into that cloud? Shots. When you're selling mid-level garments you need to view every item as a shot. So take that flannel buttondown grandma got you to Buffalo Exchange (332 E. 11th St.). The staff is very welcoming and they'll give you cash right off the bat. Got five pairs of Abercrombie jeans? Guess what, now you've got 5 shots.

Upside: You get cash on the spot. No wait. No hassle. The staff is very nice, so you won't feel so bad when they tell you how little your clothes are actually worth.

Downside: They'll give you 30 percent of whatever they end up pricing your clothes at.

Coming Out of the Closet

2011 had plenty of ups and downs, but one of the ups was that Brooklyn mega-thrift store Beacon's Closet crossed the bridge and set roots in Greenwich Village. Similar to Buffalo Exchange, Beacon's Closet (10 W. 13th St.) will take your shit, tag it and send you to the bank with a little bit of green. Posted up next to New School's fashion school, Parsons, the store attracts a younger crowd with mixed threads.

Upside: The store is huge. They have the space to buy pretty much anything as long as it's in good shape. You might be lucky enough to pick up a first date at the store, given its locale.

Downside: 35 percent in cash. It's a bit better than Buffalo, but the price point is a little lower, so it evens out. Staff wears heavy makeup?Make of that what you will.

A Book? Read My Lips?

Everyone loves giving books for the holidays. It's "sensible." Unfortunately, most people have no clue what kind of books you like. They give you the classics. The life changers. The angst filled. All of which you have no interest in. No. Go out there and make a story of your own. If you're looking to get rid of some heavy reading this holiday season, head over to everyone's favorite second-hand bookstore The Strand(828 Broadway). No, they will not pay top dollar for your copy of Gatsby, but this ain't the prohibition era. Booze is cheap. Take what you can get and head to The Commodore.

Upside: They love books.

Downside: Check to make sure it's within their buying hours.

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