You and Your New iPhone

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For the second year they have built it and they have come. By the hundreds in fact for the new [Apple iPhone 3G]. The three-gigabytes is twice as fast as the old, more expensive iPhone, and supposedly you can use your new phone anywhere in the world. Great. Now all you have to do is get one.†

Stores across the city today were packed with potential customers, some who started lining up in the wee hours of the morning. One man reported in [Barronís] that the AT&T store had sold out of the phone by noon and comments on the article show it was not an isolated event.

So maybe it would be worth it to wait and get the phone with its new GPS maps, Microsoft Exchange and super-duper turbo speed connection. For now you can always [turn to YouTube] and watch all those people who taped themselves on the journey to buy, and succeeding, and then[ trying to use the 3G]( for the first time. Just close you eyes, grip your old phone and fantasize that itís you in their place.

Photo by Alison Dougherty

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