Young To Grace 'Madden 08' Cover

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Though the news has been out there for a few days, EA Sports made it official today and announced that Tennessee Titans QB Vince Young will be on the cover of "Madden NFL 08" video game, due out in August.

“It is truly an honor for me to be on the cover of Madden NFL 08, every NFL player dreams of being on the cover,” said Young, who will be the youngest athlete ever to grace the cover. “After being named Rookie of the Year and going to the Pro Bowl my first season – this is a perfect way to start my second season in the NFL.”

Young might be psyched, but fans of other NFL teams are surely breathing a sigh of relief. Superstition is rampant throughout sports, and over the years the legend of the "Madden Curse" has taken hold in NFL locker rooms and tailgate parties alike. If you appear on the cover of "Madden" your game will suffer, either due to injury or lackluster performance. That is the "Madden Curse."

Last year, Shawn Alexander of the Seattle Seahawks was on the cover of Madden. In week three, he broker his foot. You can find more on the "Madden Curse" [here] and [here](

If Young can't break the curse, the Titans' backup QB is none other than former New York Giant Kerry Collins. I'd have to believe that he doesn't inspire much confidence in the average Titans fan.

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