2008 GIFT GUIDE: $20 and Under

| 11 Nov 2014 | 02:14

    The Little Otsu Annual Weekly Planner Volume 3

    $20 at Mini Mini Market, 218 Bedford Ave. (at N. 5th St.), Brooklyn, 718-302-9337

    Because everyone has that one friend that doesn’t have his shit together, get him The Little Otsu Annual Weekly Planner Volume 3. It’s filled with dateless weeks and monthly calendars so you can start it any time of the year. The artwork by Minneapolis artist Dan Black will keep your poorly organized pal intrigued as he enters new engagements throughout the year. Write in New Year’s resolutions, your own birthday and other must-do events before gifting this planner. Use properly and next year that friend will remember to buy you a present.


    Flatterware Collapsible Cup

    $12 at Stewart/Stand, 165 Front St. (at Jay St.), Brooklyn, 718-407-4197

    For hikers, bikers and the caffeine addicted, Flatterware’s collapsible cup is the latest in essential gourds. Made to hold both hot and cold liquids, it can handle coffee in the morning, energy drinks in the afternoon and whiskey all day long! And who doesn’t get a kick out of collapsing something? Mother Nature has been trying to get us on to an idea like this for years—carrying around a Nalgene is painfully passé—and thank goodness someone came up with a practical, space-friendly solution. Available in red, blue and green, drinking doesn’t get any sweeter.


    Lou Reed’s Berlin DVD

    $23.99 at Borders, 560 2nd Ave. (at E. 32nd St.), 212-685-3938

    Plenty of films and albums have documented junkie love, but to see rock curmudgeon Lou Reed’s devastating Berlin album performed live somehow manages to eclipse all other attempts. Filmed at Dumbo wacky shack St. Ann’s Warehouse during last year’s sold-out concert, the Julian Schnabel–directed film recounts a desolate musical tale that might be a bit of a downer, but it’s way more interesting than watching It’s a Wonderful Life again.


    Swear Bear

    $17.95 at Ricky’s, 111 Third Ave. (betw. E. 13th & E. 14th Sts.), 212-674-9640

    Usually when you press the tummy of a talking teddy bear, it says something nauseating like “I love you, Mommy.” Not the Swear Bear. It might just be a case of him saying what we’re thinking, but this adorable little guy spouts off gems like, “Eat shit and die, motherfucker!” and “Nobody loves you, everybody hates you, go fuck yourself.” Sure it’s juvenile, crass and unnecessary—but that’s what makes it an ideal gift. We’re not telling you to take it out of the box and mix it in with the gifts at the next baby shower you’re invited to, but that’s our plan.


    Chocolate Bock

    $14.95 at Whole Foods, 95 E. Houston St. (betw. Bowery & Chrystie St.), 212-420-1320

    We’re thankful that we live in a country where anything is possible. It’s cold weather time, and it’s time for a good beer. Can we have a handcrafted, limited edition Samuel Adams beer brewed with special Swiss chocolate? Yes we can! Can we have it now? Yes we can! America’s largest craft brewer always offers one of the winter’s best seasonal brews, the Winter Lager. This year, it’s also sharing a brew called the Chocolate Bock, which is perfect for a gift for the beer slut you’re sweet on. It’s not a sweet beer, despite the name. Brewing with Swiss chocolatier Felchin’s Grand Cru Sauvage cocoa nibs gives the suds a rich full body with strong malt tones without being overpowering. What pours from the bottle is a big-bodied and extremely smooth-finishing beer that makes the holidays worth celebrating.