2013 OTTY Awards

| 16 Feb 2015 | 10:45

Our Town Thanks You The OTTY Awards have become an annual tradition anticipated by many in the Upper East Side community as a celebration of what makes the neighborhood great. (See the Letter to the Editor by Betty Cooper Wallerstein on page 14.) OTTY stands for Our Town Thanks You - they are an opportunity to show the entire community's gratitude to the people who work tirelessly, selflessly and often thanklessly to improve the lives of their neighbors and the character of their neighborhood. Our group of honorees this year includes the City Council members whose districts combined cover the entire Upper East Side, as well as a people who have contributed to the neighborhood in less visible but incredibly important ways. It's sometimes easy to forget that when you talking about a city the size of New York, you're really talking about distinct neighborhoods that make up its unique fabric. For years Our Town has proudly focused on covering the important local news and community feature stories that matter to New Yorkers who call the East Side home. We're incredibly excited to continue that tradition and expand the coverage of this great neighborhood. Check out our winners below: [East Siders of the Year: Dan Garodnick & Jessica Lappin] [John Muniz, The Hospital's Doctor](http://nypress.com/john-muniz-the-hospitals-doctor/) [Father Witt, S.J., Revamps the Upper East Side](http://nypress.com/father-witt-s-j-revamps-the-upper-east-side/) [Rabbi Deborah Hirsch Keeps Her Congregants Close](http://nypress.com/rabbi-deborah-hirsch-keeps-her-congregants-close/) [The Man Helping Build Homes New Yorkers Will Love](http://nypress.com/the-man-helping-build-homes-new-yorkers-will-love/) [Hospital CEO Gives His All for His Patients, Staff](http://nypress.com/hospital-ceo-gives-his-all-for-his-patients-staff/) [Gracious Savior Revamps Iconic New York City Home Store](http://nypress.com/hospital-ceo-gives-his-all-for-his-patients-staff/) [The Woman Keeping Yorkville Alive](http://nypress.com/the-woman-keeping-yorkville-alive/) [A Humble Tarik Hunter Exemplifies New York City's "Bravest and Finest"](http://nypress.com/a-humble-tarik-hunter-exemplifies-new-york-citys-bravest-and-finest/) [Mike Beck is a Friend to Everyone](http://nypress.com/mike-beck-is-a-friend-to-everyone/) [An Artistic Director Gives Kids and Families a Lift](http://nypress.com/an-artistic-director-gives-kids-and-families-a-lift/) [Cathy Dove Oversees a Bold New Experiment at Cornell](http://nypress.com/cathy-dove-oversees-a-bold-new-experiment-at-cornell/) [Barbara Coffey Continues to Help Carnegie Hill Flourish](http://nypress.com/barbara-coffey-continues-to-help-carnegie-hill-flourish/) [Ann Cook Is a Champion for Education Reform in the City](http://nypress.com/ann-cook-is-a-champion-for-education-reform-in-the-city/) [Matt Baney Makes Giant Strides for Community Health](http://nypress.com/matt-baney-makes-giant-strides-for-community-health/) [Sol Adler Praises 92Y's Activist Commitments](http://nypress.com/sol-adler-praises-92ys-activist-commitments/) [A Nurse with a Passion for Her ER Patients](http://nypress.com/a-nurse-with-a-passion-for-her-er-patients/)