24/7: New Dancing Shoes

| 11 Nov 2014 | 02:10

    Dancers are universally known for subsisting on cigarettes and Diet Coke. So when the Peridance dance school announced its new East Village location would house, among other things, a café, we weren’t quite sure what to make of it. Turns out the 15-year-old studio has teamed up with ballet-shoe behemoth Capezio to create the space. And when it opens in February, it will feature six studios, a theater, a boutique and that damn café. “This [partnership] is the main thing that allowed us to be there,” says director Igal Perry.

    “This is an ideological partnership that establishes a business and a flagship that will be able to create more of a global organization for high-quality dance education.”

    The landmark location, which was previously occupied by artist Frank Stella Peridance’s new home. for nearly 30 years, is a much-needed upgrade for the dancers at Peridance.

    The building itself is used to trotters, before Stella was around it housed the Van Tassel and Kearney Horse Auction Market.

    “We can finally be an ensemble again, and that feels great,” Perry says. “It’s a good size stage where we can produce high level performances. We can also now curate and invite international and national companies to do a series of performances in our new home.” When we tried to see what tricks Perry had up his sleeve for the Auction Market—ashtrays? Soda machines? Rooftop party spaces?—he wasn’t very generous with the details.

    “Of course there are other things, but those are secretive,” he says. “You’ll have to wait.”