| 02 Mar 2015 | 04:27

    to the editor: in answer to larry penner (letter, "silly circus tricks," april 8), i respond to the issue of what's more important: people or the animals? he seems to be of the opinion that no matter how bad the economy, we should only spend time on the economic issue, as if nothing else exists in the world. again, i remind him that in the new york city/state legislature, there are various bills and politicians who have more than enough time to spend on a number of them. many people are ill-informed as to the cruelty involved in the training of circus elephants and mr. penner is certainly one of them. if we left everything up to the consumer's pocketbook, many more animals would be extinct by now. oh, so you're worrying about the revenue the city would lose? well filming movies and tv shows here generates a lot of money too (more than the circuses). animal abuse comes in all different forms on all species of animals. what does adopting a dog or cat do for the elephant? your incessant attitude regarding any and all animal matters reminds me of an age-old expression: "when we solve the human hunger crisis, then we'll turn our attention to the animals." well i'm sorry, penner, get with the program! wake up! the world doesn't work that way.

    joan silaco queens village, n.y