Bash Compactor: Glam It All to Hell

| 11 Nov 2014 | 02:14

    I expected tons of false eyelashes, big boobs and feathers from the 10th Annual Glammy Awards, hosted by Cherry Jubilee, and I wasn't disappointed since it was all about the glam. The Glammys are sort of like the gay Grammys given to drag queens and kings, transgenders and gay impresarios of the nightlife world. Google searching the term, the Urban Dictionary defined "glammy" as the "sticky nut sweat" you get when your legs keep rubbing against them in the heat. Well, I wouldn't have to worry about that happening to me, although maybe it would be a problem for some of the nominees, despite the fact they were wearing pantyhose and chiffon dresses.

    I did see plenty of elegantly attired drag queens in sequins packed in  between crowds of muscular gay guys, since the venue, Splash, is quintessential Chelsea boy haunt. There were few straights and women and I almost felt underdressed in my bright red jacket and mini. My hair may be platinum, but it was hardly as full and teased as a wig and I'd left my spike shoes at home.

    The nominees were some of the most stylish, outrageous, funniest, talented performers assembled under one roof: Amanda Lepore, the totally wild Acid Betty and others denizens of the night, familiar by face if not by name.

    When I walked in, my friend MTF porn star Allanah Starr was at the bar chatting with performer Michael Formika Jones. They were both up for awards for best party promoters of the year and Allanah was also a presenter, though ironically a lot of the hard-core gay audience don't know her since her fans tend to be so-called "straight men."

    There was electricity in the air as the hosts dished each other and the nominees. Drag stars Sweetie, Jackie Beat and Lady Bunny hurled the usual good-natured insults queens are famous for. The night was punctuated by enthusiastic performances onstage by Bunny, Britney Houston, Epiphany, Peppermint, T-Boy, Sahara Davenport, Wendy Ho and others. The rumpled columnist Michael Musto lost for best blogger to Lady Bunny, which he complained about on stage when he was giving someone else an award. After a few hours, with the winners all announced, I was getting restless and left just after 1 am, eager to get to the party further downtown hosted by Susanne Bartsch and Kenny Kenny.

    Just as I was heading to the door, I spotted Randy Jones, the beloved cowboy from The Village People. "Randy, can I get a picture," I asked him and the still ruggedly handsome man in a cowboy hat posed with enthusiasm and gave me his card. "Send them to me," he purred in a sexy Southern drawl, giving me a hug and kiss on each cheek.

    All photos by Gerry Visco/