Bash Compactor: Like Common People

| 11 Nov 2014 | 02:13

    On Thanksgiving Eve, a gaggle of young socialites—including frock star Lydia Hearst—went in for some déclassé fun at Lucky Strikes Lanes. The willowy blonde wore tight jeans and a white Kiss T-shirt tied up high, Daisy Duke style. She tossed a blue ball, knocked over some pins and shimmied over for a tête-à-tête. I asked who was out partying instead of visiting family. She named heiress Jules Kirby and a couple of other socials before looking slightly annoyed. “Just friends,” she said. “This isn’t about bold-faced names for me. I love bowling, and it’s about charity.” A Biggie track pumped over the speakers and Jules—a bubbly blonde in a yellow headband—hopped on the ball chute and balanced herself in a surfing stance. Lydia wasn’t sweating waking up early to travel to her family’s estate in Wilton, Conn. “I’ve been on an airplane everyday for months. You’ve just got to keep it up. Just keep going,” she emphasized the point. I told her she sounded like a boxer in training. “Unfortunately, people don’t relate it to that, they just don’t know how hard I work,” she said with a sigh. I know, it’s hard work just covering these things. “I’m talking about the modeling not the parties!” The host of the soirée, promoter Matt Levine kept the booze flowing. Sporting a tight buzz-cut and colorful bow tie, he greeted some leggy girls by announcing, “Five SUVs are coming and we’re going over to the Eldridge.” Tough-guy entrepreneur Steve Lewis sauntered up wearing a bomber jacket. Levine half-jokingly accused him of leaking a wooden, laser-engraved Eldridge membership card to the website Down By The Hipster.“You put yourself out there and people are going to take some shots, and you’re a guy that puts yourself way out there,” Lewis replied with a slight smile. Now you,my friend, look like a bowler. “I used to want to go pro; wear one of those funny shirts!” he answered. “That was before I got arrested. Now I’ve got too much on my mind.”