| 02 Mar 2015 | 04:26

    to the editor: re: "top of the tower, but not quite up to snuff" (jan. 22)-an on-target review, and i can relate completely to your experience. my wife and i had our wedding there in 1987 (still the best wedding i ever attended) and we make an annual pilgrimage to top of the tower restaurant for our anniversary. it's all true though-the off-song drinks, the confused and aging decor and the undefined crowd. naturally, we love the place for sentimental reasons, but we always hope to see more happening there. beekman tower seems to just hang in the clouds in a kind of self-satisfied time warp. we'll keep going back every year and be happy just to find it still there, but maybe one of these years someone with vision will capitalize on beekman tower's wonderful potential and make it as great as it should be and once was.

    chris a. randolph jc deniro and associates 34 eighth ave.

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