Bike Debate Continues

| 02 Mar 2015 | 04:30

    to the editor: ian alterman, your problem is that you do not have a way tofix the unlawful bikersdilemma so you portray me as an ogress when my aim has always been to help other human beings, and identification is the way to do it (letters, "the bike threat," june 11). no one in his/her right mind wouldexpect police to spend much of their time waiting to catch those who do not follow the rules of the road. i have been a consumer advocate for more than 25 years. i do not want to see anyone hurt, whether it is a biker or a pedestrian. why, mr. alterman, are you so opposed to identifying any biker who is being stupid andirresponsible? the only way to stop them is to identify them. once they know they will be found out and fined, most of them will follow the rules. educating them is a waste of time unless they know it will cost them. also, do not accuse me of giving inaccurate figures as to the number of summonses given out by the police. i did not pull these figures out of the air. they were given to mebythe 24th precinct. what makes youthink that only you knowthe correct number? i want to take this opportunity to applaud lenny's restaurant. i have seen several of their bikes. on the back of each there is a plate with lenny's name on it, plus identification numbers.

    bunny abraham central park west