Bikes Need Regulation

| 02 Mar 2015 | 04:28

    to the editor: bette dewing is to be applauded for the many years she has tried to right wrongs (dewing things better, "the right kind of light," may 14). i am writing about the bike situation. i agree with bette that, not only should bikers who go through red lights, against traffic and on the sidewalk have some type of lighting so that they can be seen in the dark (both for their own welfare and the pedestrian), but i also feel they should be licensed as motorcycles so they can be identified. i wrote to police commissioner ray kelly about my heart-stopping experiences with bikers who do not follow the rules of the road and my letter was sent to my police precinct. in turn, i received a letter from the deputy inspector stating that they take this problem seriously and in 2008, 240 summonses were handed out to those riding on sidewalks. they would not have a sufficient number of summonses to give out if they caught those on the road together with the sidewalk. i only wish the police were around every time it happens to me and to the elderly woman i know who recovered from a concussion because of an unlawful biker. how long can this go on?

    bunny abraham central park west

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