| 02 Mar 2015 | 04:26

    council member gale brewer told the city planning commission during march 4 testimony that fordham university needs a more detailed expansion plan of its lincoln center campus. fordham scored a victory when the university brokered a deal with borough president scott stringer that scaled back the project's bulk and size, leading stringer to endorse the plan. but brewer recommended that the city planning commission require fordham to define the buildings that will be constructed within "envelopes"-general parameters for new buildings-before approving the development by the april 27 deadline. "most elements of the overall proposal are concepts, or moving parts, whose actual physical nature can only vaguely be foreseen," brewer told the commission. after the planning commission weighs in on the plan, the city council will vote on the project. brewer's support of fordham's expansion is considered crucial in getting the full council to approve a plan within her district