| 02 Mar 2015 | 04:30

    this week, council member gale brewer will give the department of transportation the results of a survey that identified the transportation needs and issues for upper west side businesses.

    the survey is part of a larger study being conducted by the department of transportation for the area bounded by west 55th and 86th streets and central park west and henry hudson parkway. the study looked at the use of curb space, congestion, street furnishing, parking restrictions and safety at intersections.

    brewer said she held countless community workshops to analyze transportation and traffic concerns. there was a low level of participation, so brewer and her staff spoke to managers and owners "shop by shop."

    "we are compiling data that has never been compiled before and we are trying to be a model community," brewer said.

    the department is expecting to hold a public meeting in september to share information gathered in the survey and present its report of existing conditions in area.