| 02 Mar 2015 | 04:25

    to the editor: funny, even though we were worlds apart, i always in my own way related to caroline kennedy ("caroline: just like us?," jan. 8). i was born in october of 1957, she in november of 1957. she grew up without a father, as did i. she lost her mother, she had children, her youngest is my daughter olivia's age-there was, at least on my part, an invisible bond. i too believe her to be a solid, head-on-her-shoulders type of woman, and i would put my money on her-not because of the instability and high jinks of the kennedy clan, but because i believe she has stayed in the shadows, watching and listening and is now ready to sprout her own wings. thanks for the laughs and the intelligent slant on things.

    joi marrano bayside, queens

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    to the editor: fantastic article. thank you for saying-with such frankness-what so many feel.

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