| 13 Aug 2014 | 01:25

    On Nov. 4, the City Council?s consumer affairs and immigration committees held a joint hearing on a number of bills regarding city vendors, including a bill sponsored by Council Member Gale Brewer and nine other Council members. The legislation would prohibit vendors from leaving their wares and tables unattended on the sidewalk or public space for more than 30 minutes. If left unattended, police officers would be allowed to seize the goods. The legislation was drafted in part to address the activities of a vendor on West 73rd Street and Broadway who leaves his table of used books unattended overnight, sometimes sleeping under the table. ?I can?t understand how that?s legal,? Brewer said. ?All I?m saying is remove the books at night.? The bill received support at the hearing from Thomas Ferrugia, director of government relations for the Broadway League. The bill must be voted out of committee before it can be brought to the full Council for a vote.