| 17 Feb 2015 | 04:42

    What are the areas in which local schools need to improve? Here's a sampling of what parents, students, teachers and other insiders who responded to the Blackboard Awards survey had to say when we asked them what worked in their schools and what could be improved. Comments were edited for style and brevity.

    ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS P.S. 9 ? I feel if the teachers had more resources, i.e. money, then the children could learn more. - P.S. 75 ? What I like most: the diversity-socio-economically, racially and linguistically. P.S. 163 ? What I would change: enrichment for students with strong math skills, expand library access, drop "LEAP" for flexible and varied after school programming. ? The teachers are great, very supportive. ? I am new to P.S. 163 and am so happy there because my son is happy. The teachers are great, and the environment is warm, welcoming and diverse. ? What I like most: diversity and effective administration that deals with problems well as they come up. ? I think the academic environment of the school is both rigorous and appropriate. The dual language program is a treasure. Families feel connected through community events, like dia de los muertos, through arts classes and performances, and the PTA. ? My child is receiving a top-notch education in an environment that is welcoming and diverse. MIDDLE SCHOOLS The Computer School ? Classes are interesting, which I have never said before, and 6th graders get to eat out two days a week. Delta/JHS Booker T. Washington ? I wish they had more after-school programs. ? Although know for its academics, the Delta program and MS 54 has many ways for arts-oriented kids to shine. ? Better foreign language teachers. ? What I would change: smaller classes. ? Delta teachers are almost uniformly fantastic. The courses are not only content-rich, but many teachers are a lot of fun. What a combination! Mott Hall II ? I would like more than one language choice, since foreign language is mandatory in the 8th grade. ? Give them a better science lab and a music room. ? Guidance counselor is fantastic. Ms. Gorman works very hard to get her students placed in the best high schools suited for each student. ? Reading assignments are fabulous. ? What I like most: academic rigor and high standards, diverse teaching staff and administration, good communication with parents, calm, safe environment, good school spirit. ? Math was not my son's favorite subject. His teachers at Mott Hall II paid attention to his needs and provided him with the extra help he needed. My son loves math now. ? My child enjoys going to school every day. School of the Future ? The teaching staff is very devoted and extremely talented. HIGH SCHOOLS Bard High School Early College ? What I would change: more boys and a less far-away location. Bronx High School of Science ? This year we are very satisfied with the experience of Bronx Science. Five out of six really good teachers for academic subjects is very unusual. ? Parents mostly raise money. They can serve on the PTA or SLT, but the principal is not open to parent input. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts ? The principal's door is always open, and she answers emails promptly.