Crime Watch

| 16 Mar 2016 | 05:32


Varick VarmintA convenience store clerk was held up just after noon on Wednesday, March 9 on Varick Street, police said. The 33-year-old clerk, from Queens, told police a man about 19 entered the store, at Varick near Grand Street, got behind the counter, held a black handgun to his head and told the man to “Give it up, motherf-----r!” The clerk handed over $300 and the gunman then fled southbound on Varick. No arrests have been made.

Crustacean CrimeA burglar netted quite a haul from a local lobster emporium. Sometime after 9:40 p.m. on March 9, someone entered the Luke’s Lobster store and restaurant at 26 South William St. while the business was closed and took $8,000 from two separate cash-register-drawer safes plus a drop safe, neither of which appeared to have been forced open. The store is secured with two locked roll-down gates, which were also intact. A Luke’s employee told police that a recently terminated employee had not turned in his key to the basement safe and also knew the combination to the drawer safe. Otherwise, the store had issued nine sets of gate keys to employees and a food delivery crew.

Canteen FiendCash and a communication device were taken from the back of a truck parked on the northwest corner of Barclay Street and Broadway while its driver was loading items on the early afternoon of March 11. The 29-year-old employee of a New Jersey vending company told police $1,500 inside four bags and stashed within a crate were taken, as was a Motorola handheld device worth, $1,200.

Not So HandyWhile a young Swiss woman took to the dance floor, her bag and its contents danced away. Just after midnight on March 4, the 22-year-old woman put her purse on a hook at the bar in The Handy Liquor Bar on Broome Street. She then repaired to the establishment’s dance floor for about 10 minutes. It was missing when she returned. The items stolen included a blue Michael Kors bag valued at $300, a gray iPhone 6s priced at $800, a red Burberry wallet worth $500, a pair of brown Ray-Ban glasses tagged at $200, $80 in cash, and a debit card.

HauledTwo cargo bikes could now be described as “carGONE.” At 7:15 p.m. on Tuesday, March 8, a 46-year-old man left the vehicles secured but unattended in front of 46 White St. While he was away, an unknown thief made off with the two-wheelers. The Yuba Mundo V4 bikes are each valued at $800.