Crime Watch

| 18 Mar 2016 | 01:08


Fence OffenseA 33-year-old man was arrested on grand larceny charges after trying to sell another man’s stolen property back to him, police said. The victim, 32, had brought a 40-year-old man he had recenlty met to his Amsterdam Avenue residence on March 6. When the 32-year-old woke up later that morning, his new acquaintance was missing — as were several personal items. The victim later received a phone call from another person, who told him he had bought property from the 40-year-old for $700. He offered to meet with the victim and sell him back his property for $900. The victim declined to meet the reseller, but the police caught the fence anyway, arresting Trevor Forde. The items stolen and recovered were a MacBook Pro valued at $1,200, an iPhone worth $700, an iPad priced at $400, a Fossil wallet valued at $40, along with a New York State ID and various credit and debit cards.

Cloned OutSheep are not the only things being cloned these days. Sometime between March 3 and March 10, an unknown perpetrator used the debit card information of a 35-year-old West End Avenue resident to make multiple cash withdrawals totaling $5,920 with a cloned credit card in locations throughout Queens. The victim was still in possession of his debit card, which he subsequently canceled.

Awful EarfulDiamond earrings are no longer one girl’s best friends. During the evening of Saturday, February 20, a 22-year-old woman living on 101st Street discovered that some diamond earrings she had received as a gift just three days before were now missing. She had last seen the earrings while she was at work the previous day. She had placed the pair, valued at $5,500, into their box, which she then inserted into her purse. She told police she zipped the bag closed and put it inside a tote bag. She then boarded an L train, transferring to a 6 train at Union Square. The train was very crowded, and she felt “squished in” before getting off to visit her boyfriend, who lived at 79th Street and Park Avenue. The victim told police that she was certain the earrings had been removed from her purse in the subway and not lost.

Bloomingdale WailCommuning with nature was no walk in the park for one Upper West Side resident recently. At 11 a.m. on March 12, a 21-year-old man was sitting on a bench in Bloomingdale Park at West 104th Street and Amsterdam Avenue. As he left the park, he noticed his wallet was missing and returned to the park bench to find it. The wallet was no longer there. The property stolen included the black wallet, $1,600 in cash, and a prepaid travel MasterCard valued at $2,800, making a total of $4,412.

Mailbox PoxOn Nov. 29, a 77-year-old man living at West 95th Street mailed checks using the mailbox located at 700 Columbus Ave. On Feb. 10 , the man was notified by the Bank of America that a check he had initially written for $143.94 had been changed to $1,430.94 and cashed. In addition, another check he had written to the New York City Department of Finance had also been altered and cashed for $2,407.06.