| 13 Aug 2014 | 01:05

    To the Editor: Thank you for your balanced coverage of the Center School/P.S. 199 situation (?Growing Rift Over P.S. 199 Crowding Proposals,? Oct. 30). What was not mentioned, however, is that at a recent Community Education Council meeting, the Dept. of Ed. raised what seems an intriguing solution that could solve the problem for all: start a new elementary school in the space at P.S. 9 (to be vacated by the Anderson Program), which will take kids from several overcrowded schools in the district, including P.S. 199, and ?cap? attendance at 199 to two classes in the incoming kindergarten (that would take siblings first). That is an equitable solution that helps relieve the pressure for several schools instead of only one, would not disrupt any existing school program and would maintain 199 and Center School at their sizes. The only ones being inconvenienced are children not yet in the public school system who may not be getting the school they anticipated, but one a few blocks away. The department is to be commended for that visionary solution. Brian DeFiore West End Avenue Letters have been edited for clarity, style and brevity.