| 02 Mar 2015 | 04:27

    can a kebab be "cute"? i wondered this when my friend lydie recommended "cute kebabs" at salata, one of the many venues on upper madison that relies on a steady flow of mt. sinai personnel.

    i'm here to say the $1.99 chicken kebabs from salata are not only cute but also as succulent and tasty as the ones my husband makes (high praise, indeed). with about four large chunks of marinated chicken, soft, juicy red onion, red peppers and even mushrooms on a wooden skewer, these charcoal-roasted

    kebabs remind me of the street food described by friends who have toured istanbul. no coincidence. salata is run by a turk, burak yuran, and the place has a distinctly mediterranean feel-from the tiles lining the wall behind three small tables to the homemade baklava to the large square of flat bread i got with my soup. oh, and what soup! i chose a pint of tangy tomato basil ($3.49). bargains abound. a large chicken cutlet sandwich is $3.99, a caesar salad with salmon (or other meats) will still be under $5. every single breakfast-from the tempting challah french toast to corned beef hash-is also under $5. while salata's nearby catering spot closed, watch for their new bagel shop soon. -- salata 1396 madison ave. (at 96th street) 212-828-8800

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