| 02 Mar 2015 | 04:26

    it seemed fitting that i happened on this tiny purveyor of "designer pizzas" after visiting the cooper-hewitt national design museum. in fact, this pizza shop could fit inside of one of the compact housing units we had visited in the "solos/tolou affordable housing for china" exhibit there. with my daughter and her friend, i was prepared to walk well past museum mile to find an affordable snack.

    lucky for us to walk right into this spartan macintosh yellow and maritime blue space and claim one of two available tables. my glee subsided when i saw the pizza dough was made with wheat germ. yet, i'd discovered at café viva that whole-wheat crusts have a nice crunch and almost nutty taste. unadventurous, julie and rachel sampled the basic neapolitan, made with pintaile's slow-cooked marinara sauce, homemade mozzarella, parmesan and select herbs ($2.75). the crust was so thin, and yes, floppy, that julie made a pizza roll-up. i picked the hot and sweet sausage slice, not only loaded with the same great marinara sauce and homemade mozzarella, but also gourmet sausage slices, peppers and-my favorite-sweet caramelized onions ($3.75). two slices nets you a free drink, too. so close to fifth avenue, such bargains are hard to find. pintaile's pizza 26 e. 91st st. (near fifth avenue) 212-722-1967 got a snack attack to share? contact