Fritters for Foodies

| 02 Jan 2018 | 12:47

For last year's Art of Food event, Nick Testa, the Penrose's head chef, was paired with Hiroshi Sugimoto's “The Brooklyn Bridge.” The dish he created inspired by the work was a favorite among ticketholders: Smoked Pastrami with Rye Mustard and Pickle Pont Neuf. A ton of thought, creativity, and culinary know-how went into his dish. “There is nothing that encompasses the feeling of New York City better than the Brooklyn Bridge,” explained Testa. “At the forefront of this dish is pastrami, which some may argue is as synonymous with New York as the Brooklyn Bridge. This unctuous smoked and cured meat is something this city has mastered, from Katz's Delicatessen to the local corner deli. Pont neuf, when translated, means “new bridge,” referring to the famous Parisian bridge across the Seine, and is a dish traditionally made with potatoes. The choice to substitute pickles is meant to reflect the briny East River that the Brooklyn Bridge spans.” While we wait to see what Nick creates for The 2018 Art of Food on Feb. 10, Nick is sharing one of his favorite recipes with our readers. Zucchini Pasta Fritters Ingredients 6 c. spaghetti, cooked al dente and chopped slightly into shorter strings 4 bunches scallions, sliced thin 6 small-medium zucchinis, grated 1/2 c. confit garlic 6 eggs 4 c. all purpose flour 1 tbsp. salt 1 tbsp. pepper 2 c. water Method Mix flour,eggs, salt and pepper, and water until smooth. Add onion, spaghetti, and zucchini. Drop large spoonfuls of mixture into well oiled pan. Cook each until golden brown, creating flat, golden fritters Serve with basil-tarragon sauce, or dipping sauce of choice